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Industrial Knife Care

Customers often ask how to make their industrial knives last longer. One of our top responses is: machine knives need proper care, just like everything else. Here are three quick and easy tips for general care of your industrial knives: When your knives are not being used, keep them packed in a box that allows…
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Cutting Blades

Expect industrial strength from our cutting blades! Hamilton Industrial Knife & Machine supplies and manufactures the highest end products for their customers. Before you use a specific cutting blade on your next project, make sure you are using the correct blade. From blade diameter to the actual material you are cutting, it's highly important to…
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Shear Blades

There's never a dull moment when using our shear blades! First of all, we are by far the highest quality manufacturer of industrial knives in the market. Therefore, you can count on dependability from Hamilton Knife for your business needs and personal projects! We supply and stock rotary shear blades and straight shear knives for…
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Circular Knives

The best circular knives in the industry! Hamilton Industrial Knife & Machine is your dependable source for all industrial knives. The quality of our circular knives is always tested but never questioned. You can count on Hamilton Knife as your number one source for all circular slitter knives. Our industrial knives are manufactured with the…
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