Sheeter Knives, Cutter Knives & Pulp Cutters



sheeter-knivesHamilton Knife manufactures Sheeter Knives of all shapes and sizes. They are made for you with a razor sharp, burr-free edge. We make blades in solid High Carbon High Chrome tool steels, Solid powdered metal, Inlaid High Speed Steel, or Inlaid Powdered metals. We can also help you with Solid Carbide Sheeter Knives or Inlaid Carbide Sheeter Knives.

At Hamilton Knife, your knives are sharpened on the same machines we make them on. We also offer expert straightening of industrial knives.  third-sheeter-knife

We manufacture and supply sheeter knives for: Beck, Bielomatik, Clark-Aiken, Didde, Egan, ECH Will, Hamilton Stevens, Harris, Jagenberg, Hamblett, Lenox, Maxson, Moore & White, Smith & Winchester, Stevens, Rosenthal. If you need something not listed, we offer custom manufacturing.