Veneer Knives

veneer-knivesVeneer Knives (photo of veneer clipper)

Hamilton Knife is is ready to help whether your application is peeling, slicing, or clipping of veneer. Our Veneer knives are flat, parallel, and hold the edge you need for your application.


Our Veneer knives are made in the following materials: alloy steel, high alloy steel, high speed steel. We can also make them in any other material to suit your needs.

Razor sharp finished knives

The secret that makes Hamilton Knives better than the rest, is the finish on the cutting edge and the razor sharp burr-free edge provided in our final application. This can also done when resharpening your existing knives.

Hamilton Knife has veneer knives to fit:  Casati, Hayssen, Josting, Capital, Savi, Tagliabue, Ruckle, Torwegge, Monguzzi, Cremona, Maranaka and many other cutting machines.